Tesla Door Handle Case Dropped By South Korean Police

Tesla Door Handle Case Dropped By South Korean Police – Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty in South Korea filed charges against Elon Musk, Tesla and others for violating the Motor Vehicle Management Act. The group claims that Tesla’s “hidden” door handles are “defects” which create problems for users.

The group claimed that they were aware of certain defects in the Tesla Model X’s touch based approach and hidden pop-up method on the Model S, which create difficulties for safe operation. However, Tesla has continued to conceal these issues and fail to take corrective action.

This case has been dismissed.

Tesla Door Handle Case Dropped By South Korean Police

The Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty filed a complaint and the South Korean police began an investigation into Tesla’s door. According to a report, details about Tesla’s electric cars were eventually provided by the Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Ministry. Also, information on repairs requested in connection to Tesla doors that were not working was gathered.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s anti-corruption, public crime investigation team officially announced on Thursday that it had made a decision in the Tesla door “defects” case. Due to lack of evidence, the police stated that they had not decided to press charges against Tesla, CEO Elon, Tesla Korea and Tesla’s US headquarters.

The following statement was made by a South Korean police official.

“The accusers claimed that the door would not open after the power was turned off. After questioning witnesses and a Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport interpretation, it was concluded that this could not possibly be considered a defect that causes unsafe operation of the vehicle. The case was not referred due to lack of evidence.”

Although Tesla recommends that users use the electronic doors release systems of its vehicles, all Tesla cars come with mechanical release systems that can be operated easily. The company’s manual explains this. Tesla’s door release mechanisms can open doors in an emergency, such as when power is lost.

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